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Pasticas Puig

Extrusion - Blow moulding

Our production process is extrusion-blow moulding.

The materials used in this manufacturing process are:

High and low density polyethylene: 

- this material is characterised by being extremely resistant to abrasion, wear, chemical agents and impact

- it has considerable electrical insulation properties and can withstand low temperatures and changing weather conditions

- it is used frequently in applications which require contact with food, as it is physiologically inert and permitted by the EC food industry regulations

- we use materials which comply with the European Pharmacopoeia and this makes the final packaging safer, because its composition is controlled.


- this material has a medium degree of crystallinity between that of high and low density polyethylene 

- it has intermediate elasticity and is extremely resistant to fatigue

- it is able to withstand chemical agents and is resistant to UV radiation

- it can withstand temperatures of up to 140º C without becoming deformed

- it is highly resistant to penetration by micro-organisms.


- this is a lightweight material that is chemically inert and harmless

- it has excellence resistance to impacts 

- it is resistant to changes in temperature

- it is resistant to humidity and to biological and chemical agents.


The manufacturing requirements depend on the degree of viscosity of the material and the temperature range for its transformation. We have versatile machines which, with slight variations, can be adapted to any of these materials, ensuring greater speed and flexibility in delivering orders to our customers.

We have a production capacity of 60 million packaging elements.

Our machines are totally oil-free.

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